March 28th 2007

is this where it starts to get fun?

It’s Wednesday. It’s not quite 5 pm. And I have finished all the major projects I had to do for the EA.

Oh, don’t get me wrong–we still have “meetings” tonight, tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday.[1] And I have to be at those meetings and do some fairly important stuff related to those meetings. But I had a bunch of other duties, too, things that didn’t involve me showing up and participating, things that were just MY responsibility. And those? Those are DONE. It feels pretty good.

Of course, I had to take a day off to get them done. I promise I’ll catch up on my reading this weekend, though.

  1. This is my lame attempt to somewhat disguise what the EA is. I’m not sure it’s worth it, but it’s kind of fun for now.

March 27th 2007

an update

I feel like I haven’t posted in a while, but I think that’s more because I have been so busy this week–isn’t there something up for yesterday? I think there is.

This week is production week for the EA[1] and things have been interesting. They started out sort of bad, and then they got better, and then I thought they got worse, but they didn’t really, and then they got really really better tonight. Really, given how yesterday and this morning went, tonight was a ticker tape parade.

Meanwhile, I am falling behind in my reading, which is too bad–I actually enjoy most of my reading this semester. Or maybe it’s just that I understand it better. In any case, I don’t like being unprepared for class, but I dislike missing class, so I’ve been going and trying to follow along and that’s sort of happening, but sort of not. So, eh.

There’s something invigorating about being busy and all, but I am also exhausted. I miss my dog, my husband, my home, my bed. I miss being relaxed but that’s probably more a function of the EA coming so directly after spring break.

  1. Extracurricular Activity

March 26th 2007

Weekly Law School Roundup #63

Welcome to this week’s Law School Roundup, the “Law School As…” edition. It’s not terribly creative, but I’m buried right now. And only one person sent me a submission.

And that’s it for this week’s Roundup! Look for it next week at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground and, in two weeks, right back here. Also feel free to look at older Roundups in the Law School Roundup category.

March 25th 2007

Sunday night update

I’m HOOOOOOOOOOME! Yay! The dog even remembers me! Hoorah!

March 23rd 2007

1? check. 2? check. 3? check?

As of right now, I have, officially, done everything I was supposed to do over break. Don’t get me wrong–I still have TONS of work to do to COMPLETE the tasks on my agenda, but they have all been started and are either as finished as they can be at this point or have progressed to the point that I can not worry about them for a couple of days. This is a Very Good Thing.

March 22nd 2007


Four days into my trip away and I have completed two of the three tasks for the EA that were on my list. The third item is much less pressing, and I will be working on it for the next four days or so. I’m stressing a little today over a couple of things that I can’t be around to control–since I’m out of town and all–but I’ve asked some people who are around to keep their eyes peeled, and all I can do is hope that’s enough. ‘Twas a little more stress than I needed this afternoon, but c’est la vie, this is the way of the world.

I am still enjoying my vacation, but the first half of it is about to give way to the second half (read: I’m swapping one family member’s couch for another family member’s couch), and I’m ready. That’s not to say any part of this first half has been “bad” or not enjoyable, but sometimes you can overdose on family time. As it were. Still, I am very grateful that I’m here, at this particular time–without going into gory detail, things have been shaken up around here lately, and I think it’s really important that I was here this week to lend support, be around, etc.

With that being said, I think I’ll surf around a bit, maybe pull down some cases to my computer so I have them later, when I might not have internet access, and relax a bit before dinner.

March 21st 2007

a pretty nice little Wednesday

Hooray! Upon the advice of my security-minded husband (and with his long-distance help)[1], I have set up a wireless network for my dad. He doesn’t need the wireless, but he does need the extra security a wireless router provides his desktop computer. (Note to people using desktop computers: don’t just plug them directly into the cable modem. Not secure! Easy way to get viruses and spyware!)

At any rate, thus endeth the internet drought for Yours Truly. I can check my email when I want, and without having to have my pops log into his desktop machine. Frankly, it’s probably a bad thing; I don’t need my internet addiction to be enabled. But I do have work to do over the next couple of days, and internet access helps. It’s like a food addiction–you can’t stop eating, so you have to figure out how to manage the addiction. I’m working on it, man, working on it.

Tonight, even, I’m dragging myself away from the computer to go see a basketball game with my dad. It’s a good Spring Break day, though, when you do three or four hours of work-that-needs-to-be-done, get a round of visiting in with a well-liked cousin, do some handiwork (that would be the setting up of the wireless network), and still manage to go to a professional sporting event. This is what EVERY break should be like!

  1. And I should mention, he helped me very ably and patiently, even though I know he hates doing IT support, all while trying to comfort our poor dog, who is terrified of thunderstorms, which apparently Our City is experiencing. I have the best spouse EVAR.

March 20th 2007

vacay update

Oh my God, I might die.

My dad’s house doesn’t have wireless. I have to use the desktop in the office. And he has to sign in every time I want to use it, twice (it’s got some serious security), and that means I can’t just slip in and check my email whenever. Waa! I mean, I guess I should be happy that at least I have internet access, but I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t sit around with my computer and wirelessly surf![1]

Well, OK, I do what I’m going to do. I’m going to get my work done. Because instead of browsing my Bloglines every ten minutes, I’m going to have to actually work on the tech script for the Extracurricular Activity (the EA), something that (ha! God is laughing at me!) doesn’t require internet at all. I have, actually, two things to work on for the EA over this week, and neither requires internet, so I guess I’ll be getting those done lickety-split.

Meanwhile, can I say how much I enjoyed sleeping in until 10 am today? I never do that at home. Or, rarely do that at home. Kind of trippy. La vacay, she has begun.

  1. This reminds me–for this week, particularly, I’d love to have some recommendations and submissions for the Law School Roundup. I’ve actually already gotten one for this week, which is great, but about ten more would be awesome. It’ll be a “Suggested by the Readers” edition, and it will save me some stress, y’all. Just putting it out there–if you see anything that looks awesome, send me an email.

March 19th 2007

I don’t actually think she can sue for this

Doesn’t this seem like a classic case of parody? And isn’t parody protected? Sigh.

Also, I’m leaving for my “vacation” today–off to visit family in warmer climes. Do you know how hard it is to pack for warmer weather when you can’t remember what 75° feels like? I hope I brought warm enough stuff; I also hope I didn’t bring stuff that’s TOO warm. Sigh.

Mr. Angst, however, will not be coming with me–he will stay here, taking care of the dog, studying for a certification test, and meeting with potential employers. (He graduates in three months! Yay!) Which is all good stuff, but I wish he were coming with me to visit family. Sigh.

Hm. I appear to be full of sighs today.

March 17th 2007

it’s like my bones are water

For the first time in days, I took a break without feeling guilty. Mr. Angst and I (and some friends) enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day festivities for several hours. Then we had a home-cooked dinner, and watched a movie on TV, and during all of that I have not once felt a twince of nervous guilt. Oh, sure, there are some things I need to work on before Spring Break is over, but I feel no nervous guilt about not doing them today.

It’s awfully nice, actually, even though I know this nice feeling won’t last. It’ll be gone by tomorrow afternoon, and will likely not be back until, oh, I don’t know…August? Maybe May, but doubtful; my short break between the end of exams and the beginning of work will probably be consumed by journal duties.

But for now, I’m not thinking about the looming stretch of busy-ness. Instead, I’m just sitting on the couch, idly surfing the internet, watching The Usual Suspects with the dog and the husband, and relishing this sense of freedom. May all of you law students enjoy a similar moment during Spring Break, however fleeting.

March 16th 2007


So the paper was finished early, turned in early, and I even got a confirmation email from the prof. Yay! Done! Mr. Angst and I celebrated by starting St. Patrick’s Day early by having fish and chips and Harp on tap at a pub down the road.

Did you see how I did that? I pointed out right then that tomorrow? is St. Patrick’s Day, the BEST HOLIDAY EVER. Especially in this city, where they do the green up right. We’ll be watching a parade tomorrow, among other things, with some friends, and the best part of it all is that I am done with the academic half of my spring break! I can relax, drink beer, have fun with my husband and friends, and not be stressed about WORK. Hallejuah (oops, can’t say that during Lent…) Hooray!

because I’ve gotta root for the hometown team

Go Islanders! (Score at halftime: 27-19.)

And to think I remember when that place was just li’l ol’ CCSU.

an update

I have 19 pages and still need to write my section on the economic loss doctrine and my conclusion. My self-set deadline is 5pm.

So what am I about to do? Take the dog on a run. I need to burn off some energy.

Spring break, for me, starts in four and a half hours. Wish me luck sprinting to the end.

March 15th 2007

i just cried a little bit

This is the most hideous thing I have EVER heard. This made me very sad, and then I went and hugged my dog, and he squirmed and bonked his head into my chin and I may have a little bit of a fat lip now. But I’m OK with that, because I have my dog. This poor girl.

yeah, i’m a nerd

Usually, when I’m stressed about something, I dream about it. And the dreams are never good. They tend to wake me up in the middle of the night, whereupon I get up and try to do work–either on the thing stressing me out or on something else to wind me down.

Last night, I dreamed about my seminar paper. Of course I dreamed about my seminar paper. It’s due tomorrow, and, as of bed-time, I had no idea what I was doing. No idea. So I dreamed about it.

Except, instead of having a bad, wake-me-up-sweating dream about my seminar paper, I had a good, here’s-what-I-should-be-writing dream about my seminar paper. Yes, in my dreams, I was writing my paper and . . . it was good. I dreamed a new organization for my paper. This is totally, TOTALLY, bizarre.

What’s more bizarre is that the new organization is actually GOOD. It’s working. I’m at 14 pages (and I only need 20, and I’m even using a reasonable font). I can crank 6 more pages out by tomorrow at 5, easy, even if I do have to go back and revise a bunch of what I’ve already written.

I told Mr. Angst about my dream this morning and he gave me a sort of exasperated look. “Of course you dreamed a new organization for your paper. You’re a nerd. I’d expect nothing less.”

Um. Yeah. I’d be pissy with him, but he’s right.

March 14th 2007

email woes, of a sort

Most days, I get anywhere from 50 to 100 school-related emails, plus an additional 50 or so personal emails. Spring break, therefore, has been a very nice little rest from that. I’m getting maybe 10 or so emails a day, and most of those can go right into the trash.[1]

I think for a long time, I lived in a world where I didn’t really use email for anything important. I worked in small offices where important things could be discussed in the break room, where urgent questions required nothing more than a walk down the hall, and where getting everyone’s opinion usually meant the boss walked into our shared office. But law is different–there are so many things I’m involved in that don’t have any centralized organization. I am sure it won’t be better in practice, either, especially not at the firm I’m going to, where matters are often staffed across offices.

So I’m trying to be better about using email efficiently, about cleaning out my inbox, about sorting things into folders and flagging important messages so they don’t get forgotten. But it’s a struggle. I can’t manage to keep fewer than 150 emails in my inbox at any given time, and right now, I have 400. (I don’t have time to sort and organize them; I’m writing a seminar paper, remember?) I’d love it if I could keep about 20 messages in the inbox, and file the others away, but if they’re not in the inbox, it’s “out of sight, out of mind.” For all that I’m a HUGE proponent of technology making my life easier and more efficient, I can’t manage to use GTD[2] software to save my life.

  1. This does not count the 20 emails I got from Westlaw today, after I requested several articles be sent to me.
  2. Getting Things Done

somebody shoot me now

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one whose seminar paper is not writing itself. I have been staring at my computer for so long I think I forgot what it’s like to look at things that don’t glow from behind. I have reorganized this paper at least four times, and I just sent a request to the Westlaw lab for 11 more articles that I am hoping will provide SOME support for my argument. Because I clearly didn’t do my research very well before I proposed the topic–basically all the nifty little legal doctrines that were supposed to provide a way for me to sneak my little theory in have been either (a) preempted by federal statute or (b) rejected by state courts. Waa!

I mean, don’t get me wrong–I’m writing away. I keep adding words and sentences and paragraphs, and eventually I am hoping SOMETHING will coalesce. It’s going to be a crappy first draft, that’s true, but I’ll have till the end of April, basically, to polish it up–and I’ll have feedback from someone who actually teaches in this subject to help me out. I have to keep reminding myself of that–this is an ungraded first draft, self, and it’s just a way for you to test out the idea, self, and then you can fiddle with it later, self. Do you hear me, self??

Off to pick up my printouts.


Oh my gag, my upstairs neighbors are playing their music SO LOUDLY. Don’t they know I’m working on a PAPER? I’m BUSY? I need to THINK?

They’re stupid.

March 13th 2007

i wonder if it was the daylight savings time?

Do you think Volokh & Co. realize their domain name is down? (It’s been intermittent since Sunday–a victim of mini-Y2K?)

You can still access the VC via their “real” URL,, but you can’t comment or do anything interactive that way. And I had a good comment (for this post)! And I can’t! Boo!

movin’ on up

For the second time in this blog’s life, it has migrated.

I spent portions of the last couple of days moving all my posts (and formatting, gah) over to Wordpress, and everything seems to be running smoothly and looking right.

The biggest change, of course, is the URL. I am now hosting my own blog at my own domain, so please change your links and your bookmarks to The neatest thing about the process I used to bring everything over is that, if you have links to specific posts of mine, you can simply find-replace “” with “” and almost all of the links will still work! (This took some doing; Wordpress treats link names very differently from Movable Type.) (And this is doesn’t include images; I haven’t moved those over yet. Soon, I hope. Soon.)

So, welcome! I don’t know how long the old blog will stay up, but nothing new will be happening over there anymore. Right here, this is where the party’s at.