April 24th 2007

think of me just a little bit

So we may have found a place. Waves that there are no problems with the application.

April 23rd 2007

i just shake my head and wonder what the hell i was thinking

Today I attended my last classes as a 2L. Somewhat anticlimactic, to be honest. Since then, I’ve made several more appointments to see apartments (tomorrow), done some administrative stuff relating to journal duties, and done some work on my seminar brief, due in three days. The seminar brief concerns me the most right now, since I haven’t written a brief since legal writing as a 1L and I’m not sure I know how anymore; also, I’ll probably spend most of tomorrow away from my computer, unable to work on the seminar brief, so I’ll likely end up pulling an all-nighter at some point this week. Oh yeah, that’s because I’m supposed to study with some friends on Wednesday. At this point, I imagine I’ll show up and just absorb and listen and converse rather than actually proffer any pearls of wisdom or gleaned understandings.

But if I can get past Thursday, and the turning in of the brief, I think I will make it. That all assumes we find a place to live while we’re out looking tomorrow. I’ve really packed our day, hoping something will bear fruit, because I can’t keep taking days off to look at apartments. Really.

April 22nd 2007

Weekly Law School Roundup #67

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Law School Roundup, featuring funny, humorous, and insightful posts by law students and recent grads. Enjoy!

And that’s it for this week’s edition of the Law School Roundup! Look for it next week at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground and back here in two weeks.

April 20th 2007

my to-do list

  1. Continue outlining for Admin. Going well so far. Many weeks of notes to go, though.
  2. Begin outlining for Con Crim Pro. Haven’t started. A little nervous about that.
  3. Write seminar brief. Arguments have changed DRASTICALLY since last week. V. nervous about that.
  4. Dive into new journal duties by attacking a pending edit. Wondering when I’ll find the time for that.
  5. Look at apartments this weekend. Again with the time thing.
  6. Revise other seminar paper, due at end of exam period. Plenty of time for that, right?

The seminar brief is due next Thursday, so it should, theoretically, be first on my list. But I have study sessions to set up during next week, and I should have SOMETHING outlined before I go to those, so I have to do some outlining in the next week. I have a full month to attack the journal duties, but don’t want to put those off at all since I am not sure how long each edit will take me. I have to decide when to take my exams, so that’s another issue that will determine which outlines get done first. And the apartment thing…sigh. We have to find something, and we’re only about 6 weeks out from our earliest moving day, so that has to get done, also.

Y’all, this is going to be a crazy two weeks. However, per normal for me, the busier I am, the calmer I get. I simply do not have time to be completely wigged out right now.

April 18th 2007

change of plans

Um, so I was going to try and do a little work this evening, but then my best friend called and we talked for an hour and a half.

I guess this means I do have to get up early tomorrow morning. Boo.

i try to post daily

I made another post today but I don’t feel like publishing it. Suffice it to say this has been a sort of weird day. Not bad, just kind of weird.

April 17th 2007

some kind of aha moment

Every now and then, I look around where I’m at and realize that the idealized vision I had of this great intellectually stimulating educational environment is actually happening all around me.

There are moments of disillusionment also, to be sure, but lately I’m having more of the “Yeah, this is exactly the experience I always hoped it would be” moments. I guess it’s good I’m having these moments now, when I have another year to enjoy; I wish I’d started having them before the last week of classes of my second year, though.

April 16th 2007

too sad to post

There’s just too much to post about today.

The thing a lot of people are writing about is the horrific incidents at Virginia Tech. But it’s too awful for me to really speak or write about it yet. I’m still processing.

Because of that, all the other things I’d thought about posting through the day seem sort of silly. Maybe I’ll be back up for it tomorrow.

April 14th 2007

mmmm, lunch.

Last week’s lamb kept pretty darn well. Mr. Angst and I finished off the last of it for lunch today and, YUM.

Was that only a week ago, though? Wow.

productivity, yay! part ii

So I’ve been doing some research for a professor this semester, and it’s been really interesting, but I haven’t been able to spend as much time with it as I would have liked over the last few weeks. Yesterday I decided that this would be my priority this weekend, to finish going through the notes he gave me and get through the whole piece. I have just completed that task. I still need to go back, maybe tomorrow, and refine some stuff, read some things more closely, check some books in the library–but I feel good that I got through the piece. It’s one less thing hanging over my head.

i hate our upstairs neighbors

Is it really necessary to turn the volume on your TV up so loud that it can be heard from the street (and, more importantly, in my workspace)? I can tell they are watching something on SportsCenter while I am trying to work. THEY SUCK.

Two more months.[1]

  1. Yes, we are moving again. Don’t know where yet, but out of here, that’s for sure.

been a long time comin’

Lyco has a TERRIFIC post about law school and money.

Frankly, we don’t talk about the monetary realities enough–and I mean the realities. Yeah, we all bitch about our debt, we all complain about loan repayment, but we don’t actually talk about the hard numbers and what they represent. Lyco has–and it’s FANTASTIC, all about priorities and dreams and balancing. Go read it.

April 12th 2007

productivity, yay!

Why is it that the mere act of getting OUT OF THE HOUSE immediately makes me more productive? It’s not like the coffeehouse I’m at is a particularly work-inspiring place. But I now have 5 pages of my seminar brief[1] (due in 2 weeks–that’s pretty good, all things considered!) where before I had a rough 2 page outline. OK, at least one page of that 5 pages is a VERY LONG QUOTE from an article by Cass Sunstein. But it’s a BRIEF, remember, and briefs can be full of quotes from other people because that’s the best way to be persuasive.

That’s sort of an interesting line of thought, actually. In an academic paper, at least in law school, the idea is to come up with an interesting and novel idea and show that your interesting and novel idea is not foreclosed by other work. Hopefully you can also show that your interesting and novel idea fits into the framework presented by other work. But the key is that your interesting idea has to be NOVEL–like, no one else has made this argument before.

With a brief, though, the idea is to show that your argument is NOT new, that everyone else has basically been making the same argument with respect to other facts for, like, ever. So the more evidence you can show that other people think the way you do, the better. It’s a totally different skill set, really. And yet, at the beginning of the semester, I decided to write a brief instead of a paper (we had a choice) because I thought it might be easier. Fact is, I am probably better at the paper thing than the brief thing because I don’t think in brief terms, I think in paper terms. Of course, from an academic perspective, the brief is therefore a better assignment for me because I’m getting to work on something I’m not already good at. Yay! But from a time management perspective, it’s not so great–I have too many other things to be working on right now to be learning how to write a brief! Ack![2]

For consolation, I will remember that someone (a prof? a friend? I can’t remember) told me that brief-writing is something that very few people are good at. So if this isn’t the best thing I’ve ever written, I will not think I am a failure. I will just think I am not meant to be a brief writer. I’m not sure if that’s much consolation, though.

  1. Pretty cool, huh? I think law students don’t get enough opportunities to write briefs and since that’s what we’ll be doing–at least if we are litigation associates–it’s very cool to get to do one for a seminar.
  2. And, actually, I have to go back home now because tonight’s class is a vegan potluck, so I have to go figure out how to make eggplant parmesan without cheese. I figure that’s going to take me a while because I need to do a little experimenting with flavors to make sure it doesn’t end up tasting boring.

April 11th 2007

oh gross


April 9th 2007

Weekly Law School Roundup #65

This week, you get the If Easter has passed and Spring Break is over, why is it 35° outside? Edition of the Law School Roundup. Enjoy the following posts by students and soon-to-be students.

And that’s it for this week’s Roundup! Look for it next week at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground and then back here in two weeks. Oh, and older Roundups can be found in the Law School Roundup archive.

April 8th 2007

not guilt free, but probably worth it

Mr. Angst and I hosted some friends for a FABULOUS Easter dinner, complete with roasted leg of lamb, parmesan mashed potatoes, arugula salad with raspberry balsamic vinaigrette, bread pudding, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, and some fine port. (I didn’t make the desserts, nor did I provide the port. Good guests!) It was a terrific evening, with lots of good conversation (and a general avoidance of law school talk, thank heavens).

But every good thing has its downside. In this case, while it’s fun to have a great dinner party, all the cooking and eating and talking make it difficult to get any schoolwork done. I finished up some journal duties after our guests left, but did not manage to get to tomorrow morning’s reading. I’m going to skim through the hornbook treatment of tomorrow’s topic, but who knows how much I’ll absorb. Other things, like the Law School Roundup, also fall by the wayside; I’m hoping to get to that tomorrow morning.

Anyway, happy Easter, everyone!

April 7th 2007

definition of irony

I just saw an ad for the University of Phoenix, touting its Masters Degree in Education.

April 6th 2007

oh, it’s THAT time of year again

I am now officially back in that place where I have so much to do that I am completely unable to do any of it. I am immobilized.


April 5th 2007

Housing Sex Offenders Under a Bridge: what will they think of next?

This is the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard. Because pretty much NO place is far enough from children such that a registered sex offender could live there, the state is SANCTIONING and MONITORING the offenders’ residence UNDER A ****ING BRIDGE.

Sexual offenses, particularly against children, are heinous, to be sure. But offenders are still people and shouldn’t be FORCED to live under a BRIDGE! Isn’t this a pretty clear example of a Due Process violation? Does the government have a compelling enough interest to allow it to deprive free men of the ability to sleep indoors?

I mean, gah.

more dog! now with more towels!

Ana asked for dog pics. So here are some dog pics. Some of these may be old. But they’re all CUTE!

The dog walker appears to be working out, by the way. I’ve been able to stay at school later every day this week and I’ve been able to get bunches done. It’s good!

begging don’t even think about it MINE! pious towel2 looks good in pink hair grippy belly