April 3rd 2007

money talks

I believe this is the latest I have ever done my taxes. I intended to do them over the weekend, but that whole internet being down thing meant I couldn’t, since I do my taxes online.[1]

So I did my taxes, and, being half of a married student couple means that we did not owe a red cent and we got back everything we paid in, plus what seems like a little extra, which can’t be right, but I haven’t taken tax, so I don’t know. In any case, I finished my taxes, transmitted them online (well, federal taxes; apparently, I have to file by mail in this state, since we’ve never filed in this state before and don’t have whatever little identification number we have to have to file online. Boo. That goes in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday, I think), and even completed my FAFSA. (I would be more worried about La FAFSA except I know I’m not going to get anything but loans from my school because that’s all they EVER give me. Boo.) In the spirit of being fiscally responsible and productive, I even filled out my school financial aid paperwork.

Part of me feels bad about not getting this done sooner–I’ve always gotten my financial aid stuff done super early, so I can be as eligible as possible for as much money as possible. But two years at my school–and the anecdotes I’ve heard during that time–has taught me that it’s really not going to matter. My school gives awards out during the application process and whatever award you get then is what award you have for the rest of your time in law school. This means really, really, really good students who didn’t happen to have the LSAT and GPA numbers to get a scholarship offer when applying to law school end up with full loans for three years. And that pretty much sucks. It sucks more for those really, really, really good students than it does for me, but it’s still really pissy for me. Still, there’s nothing I can do about it, so I’ve accepted it.

And that’s why I didn’t do my financial aid documents sooner. That and the fact that the school didn’t send my W-2 to me and I had to request that they send me a duplicate. (Actually, the same thing happened to Mr. Angst–we have crappy, crappy, crappy mail service–so I wasn’t able to actually DO the taxes early on. But I could have done my FAFSA with estimated numbers. Eck. I didn’t.)

OK. I have to do a little work before I go to bed. Ta!

  1. Note that I’m posting in the evening, which would indicate that our internet is back up. Yes, it is back up, and thank God.

i guess we’re playing catch-up

One of my professors chose THIS week to decide to start flying through the rest of the syllabus. Where before, we might have covered half a reading assignment in a class, or only one reading assignment in a week, now we are flying through at least one full assignment per class. I.e., my reading load for this week has about doubled. Ack!


Oh my God, internet is still down at home. Whimper.