April 14th 2007

mmmm, lunch.

Last week’s lamb kept pretty darn well. Mr. Angst and I finished off the last of it for lunch today and, YUM.

Was that only a week ago, though? Wow.

productivity, yay! part ii

So I’ve been doing some research for a professor this semester, and it’s been really interesting, but I haven’t been able to spend as much time with it as I would have liked over the last few weeks. Yesterday I decided that this would be my priority this weekend, to finish going through the notes he gave me and get through the whole piece. I have just completed that task. I still need to go back, maybe tomorrow, and refine some stuff, read some things more closely, check some books in the library–but I feel good that I got through the piece. It’s one less thing hanging over my head.

i hate our upstairs neighbors

Is it really necessary to turn the volume on your TV up so loud that it can be heard from the street (and, more importantly, in my workspace)? I can tell they are watching something on SportsCenter while I am trying to work. THEY SUCK.

Two more months.[1]

  1. Yes, we are moving again. Don’t know where yet, but out of here, that’s for sure.

been a long time comin’

Lyco has a TERRIFIC post about law school and money.

Frankly, we don’t talk about the monetary realities enough–and I mean the realities. Yeah, we all bitch about our debt, we all complain about loan repayment, but we don’t actually talk about the hard numbers and what they represent. Lyco has–and it’s FANTASTIC, all about priorities and dreams and balancing. Go read it.