April 8th, 2007

not guilt free, but probably worth it

Mr. Angst and I hosted some friends for a FABULOUS Easter dinner, complete with roasted leg of lamb, parmesan mashed potatoes, arugula salad with raspberry balsamic vinaigrette, bread pudding, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, and some fine port. (I didn’t make the desserts, nor did I provide the port. Good guests!) It was a terrific evening, with lots of good conversation (and a general avoidance of law school talk, thank heavens).

But every good thing has its downside. In this case, while it’s fun to have a great dinner party, all the cooking and eating and talking make it difficult to get any schoolwork done. I finished up some journal duties after our guests left, but did not manage to get to tomorrow morning’s reading. I’m going to skim through the hornbook treatment of tomorrow’s topic, but who knows how much I’ll absorb. Other things, like the Law School Roundup, also fall by the wayside; I’m hoping to get to that tomorrow morning.

Anyway, happy Easter, everyone!


That sounds awesome! Yum.