May 16th 2007

the perils of online shopping

Why is it that pants which, in black, are not too tight or unflattering to the tushy, are, in khaki, completely scandalous, such that I will never be able to wear them out?

I’m sitting cross-legged on my couch while wearing them, hoping to stretch them out a bit. I need khaki pants for work, you know.

May 15th 2007

rain, rain, go away, come again when i have an umbrella

This afternoon, a big thunderstorm rolled in (actually, just as I was leaving lunch–we made it back into the building with only seconds to spare). By the time I was ready Meet Women to leave this afternoon, I wondered how I would get home, since I didn’t have an umbrella. I contemplated taking a cab, but as I walked outside, I noticed it wasn’t raining anymore. Yay! I thought, I can take the train after all!. Onto the train I hopped, still using my student pass (good for three more days!), popped in my headphones, and tuned out. Until I got to my stop, when I noticed that not only was it not not raining in my neighborhood, it was POURING. Hm. I thought. What to do? I had a few options: make a mad dash to the drugstore and buy black dating sites and umbrella–and come close to ruining my dry-clean-only clothes; wait for the rain to let up–an unlikely prospect; or call someone to come get me with an umbrella. (NB: Someone = Mr. Angst) Three guesses which option I chose? (Ha ha, see that’s a trick, because there are only three options. So you’d have to eventually get it right. Right? See?)

Anyhoo, that was my day. (No, actually, there was more to my day. Boring, though, and not postable.) I have some Adult Connexxxions editing to do tonight (fun!) and then it’s back to the 9-to-5 tomorrow.

motivation lacking in important and not-so-important areas

I’m trying to get motivated to start the packing process, but all I really want to do right now is go shopping, finish my edits, and watch TV. Some of those things are good things (i.e., the edits have to get done, right?) and some of them are less good (shopping needs to happen, but it’s not totally urgent; TV watching is bad).

May 12th 2007

saturday, saturday, saturday, saturday

Last night, Mr. Angst and I and four friends dropped a chunk of change eating at one of our favorite restaurants. It was pricey, but it was SO worth it. Six courses, four bottles of wine, and 18 hours later, I’m still reeling from the yum.

Of course, two of the friends we ate with are off today for their summers in another city, so that’s a little sad. It’s actually very easy to get sort of mopey this time of year when all my 3L friends are graduating and moving, and my 2L friends are scattering to the far corners of the country for the summer. At the same time, I’m getting really excited to start working on Monday–to get up and have someplace to go that’s not class, that requires me to actually spend some time getting ready in the morning. I’m basically just really excited to have a regular schedule again. I never thought I’d crave it so much.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day outside, but I’m spending the afternoon trudging through some cite-checking so I won’t be completely guilty over my lack of progress this week. At least I’m at home–but I think tomorrow’s schedule is going to have to include some library time.

May 11th 2007

brrr….and woosh!

It’s windy today. Very windy. Consequently, I think some construction workers got a glimpse of more than they should have gotten a glimpse of today as I was startled by a HUGE gust while walking to campus. (Yeah, yeah, I had work to do.) I walked the rest of the way hunched over with my skirt hem cluched in one hand.

May 10th 2007

summer posting policy

So here’s the skinny folks.

My summer job is about to start (like, in THREE DAYS, gulp), and that means I’ll be running this blog according to the Summer Posting Policy.

What is the Summer Posting Policy?

Well, for starters, I’m not really going to say much (or anything) about my job, at least not that’s more detailed than, “Gosh, legal research can be boring!” or “I’ve done more writing this week than I’ve ever done!”

I also won’t be talking about my colleagues AT ALL, not even in the most heavily veiled, non-specific ways. That includes my fellow summer associates as well as the attorneys I will be working with.

I might sometimes mention the good food I’ve eaten. I’m kind of into food. But I won’t be blabbing about where, specifically, I’m eating. Or with whom when trying out local women wanting sex, a great way to finally get laid whilst visiting London!

OK, so that seems like I won’t have very much at all to write about! Au contraire. We will be moving, so there will be lots of posting about THAT nonsense. We still have Himself, so there will probably be more cute pictures. I still do the Law School Roundup every other week, so that’ll be here. And I will be working on journal stuff all summer, which will SURELY elicit some frustrated, groaning posts about spending the weekend in the library. I’ll hopefully have some time, also, to do some fun reading and see movies and even enjoy some of the fabulous free stuff that goes on in Our New City, so I’ll probably write about those things also.

Basically, the idea behind the Summer Posting Policy is that posts about time at my firm won’t really be all that interesting (or at least very different from posts by any other law student blogger at a law firm) and could create potential problems. So I’m going to write about more interesting things instead. I hope everyone enjoys the Summer Posting Policy.

May 9th 2007


And just like that, I’m done.

I think I deserve a medal of some kind, though, since I not only took an exam today but also finished the revision of my seminar paper. That’s TWO THINGS I did in ONE DAY. During EXAMS.

Anyway, the point is that 2L is over. Long live 2L! (No, not really. 2L has been a long, sometimes miserable, always busy, usually overwhelming drag of a year–but it’s also a year in which I made some new friends, became closer to some old ones, and really grew into my own academic identity. OK, this post just got a little too mushy.)

Off to have a beer. Or four.

May 8th 2007

it’ll be over in 24 hours, one way or the other.

I would be much happier about being done with this year tomorrow if I felt like I knew anything at all about Constitutional Criminal Procedure. Or, as it seems, the economic loss doctrine.


May 7th 2007

good procrastination or bad procrastination?

I need to be revising my seminar paper–which I’ve already started, but which needs some work and is due in less than two days, ack–but instead, I’m watching Heroes. Because, duh, it’s the best show on TV.

But I promise I’ll work on my paper when the show is over. Promise.

prognostication is definitely not my thing

Dear Self,

You know how, when you start to get too comfy, something always comes along to monkey things up? This is just a reminder that, when that happens, all you need to do is take deep breaths and realize that everything will work out in the end. Promise.


a list, for you.

1) Will someone explain the grand jury to me? I still don’t understand it.
2) The article I did research for last summer has been picked up by a law review. This is very exciting for me. My name! In a footnote!
3) My resume is officially on two pages. I’m not sure what to do about that.
4) Why is a general negligence duty less preferable to a narrower, affirmative duty to comply with some specific standard?
5) We got Himself a new tag (he’s been without one for a while) and now he tinkle-tinkle-tinkles around the apartment. The tinkling woke me up at 6 am today. Boo.

Weekly Law School Roundup #69

Welcome to this week’s (slightly belated and somewhat unfortunately numbered) Law School Roundup, in which I present posts by law students and soon to be law students full of advice and funniness during exams. (Except for those people on quarters. I don’t know what to do about you guys.)


  • Good tips for managing the load. (Reasonable Expectations)
  • Bad choice for landscaping. (A Little Fish in Law School)
  • The tiniest handwriting. (Above Supra)
  • Seriously. It’s exams. SHHHH. (Cella Bellum)
  • Last minute shopping. (Frequent Citations)
  • Professors can be funny. Weird, but funny. (katlet)
  • During exams, advice of a different stripe. (Magic Cookie)
  • Sort of funny apologies. (Peanut Butter Burrito)
  • Things it would be helpful to know in advance. (Shelley’s Case)
  • Further proof that the law school exam is a perverse pedagogical tool. (Think Like a Woman. Act Like a Man.)
  • Yet it’s STILL the only game in town. (Amicus Curiae)
  • Remembering old favorites. (Ceteris Paribus)
  • Just remember your ID next time! (Clever WoT)
  • Listing things just makes it harder. (Equal Process. Due Protection)
  • Here’s her! (Transmogriflaw)
  • She’s a real, live lawyer now! (Life, Law, Gender)
  • But he’s so CUTE. (The Namby Pamby Law Student)

And that’s it for this week’s Roundup. Look for it next week at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground and then back here in two weeks. Good luck on exams if you’ve got ‘em!

May 5th 2007

an auspicious horoscope, yes?

“You’ll be able to zip through a lot of work in a short amount of time today.”

God, let’s hope so. It’s already after 5, and I’ve still got a lot to do.

exam prep

I was up at a decent hour this morning, though not really of my own volition. Our tub was clogged up and none of my tinkering had any effect at all.[1] Our landlord was great though–promised to be out between 9 and 11 this morning when I called last night. Of course, that meant I had to be up and dressed before 9.

Now I’m on my second pot of coffee (don’t worry, I shared the first with Mr. Angst), and three or four weeks into my Con Crim Pro outline. I know, that’s not all that good. But it’s going quickly. I have to say, I spent more time on my reading this semester than I have since my very first semester in law school, and it’s paying off. I have retained more so I’m relying less on my notes to construct the substance of my outline. My notes are giving me structure–what were those seven questions he posed with respect to Katz? Did we do probable cause before we discussed seizures?–but I’m largely filling in the “law” from my own head. I had the same experience with my Admin outline, actually, and walked out of the exam feeling OK about it.

  1. Here’s what I usually do, and it usually works: wait till the water has drained out, scoop about 3 tablespoons of baking soda into the drain, making sure it gets all the way down into the drain, and then pour about a quart of vinegar into the drain. If the soda is well down into the drain, the vinegar will (a) carry it further down the drain while (b) fizzing like holy hell. The fizzing is what works the magic. The soda and vinegar mixture will dissolve whatever is binding the solids in the drain together and hopefully carry those solids away. After you can’t hear the fizzing in the drain anymore (about fifteen minutes) flush the drain with hot water. Repeat as necessary. Plunge if needed. ↩

May 3rd 2007

it’s a sunshine day

Admin down. Boo-yah. Per normal, I realized approximately three hours after the exam just how royally I had screwed up one particular issue. ROCK. Really, though, I feel pretty OK about it. But I’m finally at this place where the exam process no longer scares the shit out of me. It’s a test. I have to regurgitate all the things I learned over the semester in rough IRAC format in response to a fact pattern in about three hours. It sucks, but it’s just a thing, right? I went in, I took it, and I left.

So, one more exam to go, plus a paper revision (which is not going to write itself, Self, so you better get cracking on that!) and a bunch of editing. And some shopping for work clothes before I start in approximately ELEVEN days. Gasp! (And a hair appointment, because you know it’s starting to look bad when even random people tell you you have a lot of gray. AWESOME.)

But right now, I’m chilling with the dog, debating about whether it warmed up enough for me to change clothes before I take him on his afternoon walk. He’s awfully cute, too–not necessarily chasing squirrels in his sleep, but certainly smelling them.

May 2nd 2007

it’s game time, baby!

I will take my first exam tomorrow. I think I am as prepared as I can be. I know I have not done as much prep work as I have in the past, but I also know that I have been so busy the last several days that I’ve been working pretty efficiently. Maybe not efficiently enough–I am still sort of behind on some stuff. But almost certainly I’ve been working more efficiently than in past semesters. I feel better about my classes with fewer hours of study time logged. Let’s hope that’s not just self-delusion.

May 1st 2007

sometimes you eat the world and sometimes the world eats you

Today has just been a day.

I’m dealing with some unpleasant duties, some dealing with Word (which, um, I. Hate.) and some dealing with people (who, sometimes, I. Really. Don’t. Like.). I’m trying to figure out a good schedule for studying for Admin and Con Crim Pro. I’m trying not to get too excited that today is Lease Signing Day. And I’m trying to decide if I should push my start date at work back a week so I can attack the edits I have due with total concentration. (I’m thinking that wouldn’t work; I’m not much of a total concentration kind of person. I can hyperfocus on something for about an hour or two, and then I need to switch gears. Plus, I want that extra week of cash.)

So basically I’m just not in a very happy mood today. I’m not in a BAD mood, per se, I’m just not very happy nor am I, probably, at all pleasant to be around. I’m going to try and get over that here in a bit so I can enjoy Lease Signing Day (or Hour) this evening, and also not be completely worthless for continuing to get my work done.

See? I can’t even write good anymore.

April 30th 2007

deep in the middle of the exam prep period

It’s bad when outlining is the most fun task of the tasks on your to-do list. Some of the things on my to-do list are so boring I’d rather watch paint dry (and I could, since they’re painting something around the law school; I can smell it).

But I’m doing these things, because I have to and because, perversely, I enjoy them. Yeah, they’re boring, but I enjoy them.

In other news, my Admin outline is done, I have some killer flowcharts, and I’m going to plow through some practice exams tomorrow. Maybe I’ll do a post about how I prep for exams later this week, but for now, here’s the nutshell on what works for me–outline from your notes, pulling from other outlines as they are helpful in clarifying things you don’t understand; make flowcharts where appropriate (good for code classes and classes with lots of multi-step or multi-factor tests, like Contracts and Civil Procedure and Admin); then take as many practice exams as you can and DISCUSS them with your friends. (No need to write out a full three hour exam; I usually take half the time allotted and do a detailed outline, of the sort I’d then fill in during the exam itself.) The discussion thing is really important for me, otherwise I miss the nuance.

OK. Back to (not) watching paint dry.

April 29th 2007

this isn’t even forced optimism

I am almost completely done with my Admin outline. Whew! I have four more classes (or one unit, depending on how you like to look at things) to summarize and I’m ready to start refining, flowcharting, and taking practice exams. It’s been a productive weekend for me and, best of all, I feel good about my work. I’m a little stressed, just because I see the limited time stretching ahead of me, and I have a lot going on in the next few weeks, but I’m feeling good anyway. It’s all going to get done.

April 28th 2007

sunny with a chance of studying

If anything could cement my desire to move (again, for the fourth time in three two years[1]) it would be the fact that we’ve had to flee our home today to get any work done because our upstairs neighbors are playing their music too loud. I’m sure they have no idea how loud their music is to us–this isn’t bad faith on their part–but that doesn’t make the noise tolerable. At all. Even worse, their stereo is DIRECTLY above our table, where I do the bulk of my work, so I bear the brunt of it.

Lest I seem completely negative about the whole thing, I’ll note how delightful it is to be out of the apartment today, even if just for the duration of a walk to the coffeehouse. It’s about 80 degrees, sunny, breezy, and absolutely DELIGHTFUL outside. I can see the sunshine from our table, as well as all the people in their shorts and flip flops, walking their (very happy) dogs. Things could be worse.

Studying update: I’m halfway through my Admin outline, and I’m pretty pleased with it. I’ve also decided not to worry about the jinxing effect of saying such things–confidence is the name of the game, really, when it comes to law school, so I’m letting myself feel good about the work I’ve done for this class so far.

  1. Mr. Angst has corrected me, and this makes it even worse. FOUR MOVES in TWO YEARS. Seriously barf. ↩

April 27th 2007

exam time update

I turned in the seminar brief last night and, five minutes later, realized I forgot to do one thing on it. Sigh. I just keep repeating to myself, Only two credits, only two credits.

Now I get to begin serious exam prep. I’ve already started outlining for my two exam classes, though I am much further along with Admin than Con Crim Pro. I need to ramp that up and get through the outlining process by mid-week. I also have to revise my other seminar paper. And I have to keep working on some journal things that I have been avoiding because, eck.

But tonight, tonight I go out. To a nerd party, true, but out is out. I just need to figure out what to wear.

April 26th 2007

just give me about six more hours in the day. but just for today.

I’ve reached the point in my brief where I’d ordinarily put it away for a few hours to percolate. Unfortunately, I don’t have a few hours to let it percolate. So I am diving back in.


It’s just totally disgusting outside. I’m sitting in, arguably, the most inspiring spot in the whole law school and all I can see out the windows is GRAY.

a brief (hah!) update

I don’t have more pages now, but I have some slightly better content. However, if someone would tell me whether or not the unconstitutional conditions doctrine is just dead in the water, oh, say, RIGHT NOW, that would be helpful, before I incorporate a bunch of outdated law into my brief.

Otherwise, I guess I have to go read Rust so I know what I’m talking about.

gotta have faith-uh-faith-uh-faith-uh

Now that things with the apartment are looking more and more firm, I am letting myself get excited about it. I don’t want to get TOO excited right now, though–I still have exams to get through, not to mention this brief. Right now, I’m procrastinating by reading my email and posting, when I should be muddling through how the unconstitutional conditions doctrine figures into my argument regarding 10 U.S.C. § 654(b)(2). And whether I should also talk about § 654(b)(1). That’s a lot to figure out in the 14 hours I have left to finish this sucker, but I have faith in myself. FAITH!